The Impact of Measure 98

Who We Are | 12/06/2021

Stand for Children, Oregon Team

Since passing Measure 98 just a few years ago, we have put over $750 million into high schools across the state. Those resources led to a 40% increase in career-related programs offered throughout the state. Most importantly, we’ve seen a record 6-point increase in graduation rates, with students of color and low-income students making the biggest gains.

Measure 98, or High School Success, is an equity-driven grassroots solution to raise Oregon’s graduation rates.

Stand for Children Oregon led the charge to draft Measure 98, campaigned to pass it overwhelmingly at the ballot box in 2016, pressured lawmakers to support it unanimously in Salem, and ultimately helped secure over $170 million in its first year to bring it to life. As a result, high school students in every single school district in Oregon have new or expanded opportunities in Career and Technical Education (CTE)college readiness, and dropout prevention strategies.

More than 2,000 additional students have graduated since Measure 98 was funded. That’s 2,000 lives that are on a different trajectory because of the work we’ve done together.

Still, in the years since passing Measure 98, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a gap-widener. Nearly all students experienced learning loss, with historically marginalized students losing significantly more ground, putting high school graduation rates at risk. Measure 98 requires a focus on dropout prevention and centers ninth graders’ success as a critical component of this work. With your support, we’re working to close those gaps and make our system more equitable for all students.

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