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Elections | 03/21/2021

Diana Marquez Guerrero
Salem Organizer

Oregon School Board elections are coming up on May 18th. We're proud to be endorsing candidates for school board across Oregon, but need extra support in Salem-Keizer. 

The election in Salem-Keizer is critical this year; we need a new school board - one that will support fair opportunity and good schools for all kids - especially during the pandemic. Almost half of the students in the district are Latinx, and Salem-Keizer has never had a Latinx school board member.  

Stand for Children is part of a great community-wide coalition that has endorsed four candidates that we know will represent our students, listen to parent needs and advocate for quality education for everyone. They are Osvaldo Avila in Zone 1Ashley Carson Cottingham in Zone 3Karina Guzmán Ortiz in Zone 5, and María Hinojos Pressey in Zone 7

School Boards set local education priorities that impact every student!  They have a huge impact on our children, yet few people take time to vote in May elections. In the Salem-Keizer school district, this has allowed a small, extremely out of touch group to win six of the seven of the seats on the Board. This group has repeatedly shut out the voices of our students of color, and won’t support the school district’s equity work. Salem-Keizer kids deserve better! With your support, Stand is committed to changing the Board and improving outcomes for Salem-Keizer students.

We are asking every supporter who cares about Salem-Keizer schools to help  in some way. Here are the best ways that you can help!

Let’s work together to make a difference for Salem-Keizer children!

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