HB 2001 is almost there!

Legislation | 06/09/2021

Stand for Children, Oregon Team

House Bill 2001, which supports teachers with cultural or linguistic expertise by keeping them from being disproportionately affected by layoffs just passed out of the Senate Committee on Rules! This means it will now be voted on by the entire Senate. This is a major milestone and it couldn’t have happened without your support and advocacy. 

Now, members of the Senate will have a chance to commit to protecting the progress districts are making to hire more culturally and linguistically diverse teachers by voting YES on House Bill 2001. 

About House Bill 2001

An Oregon state law that requires districts to follow a "last in, first out" policy in the event of layoffs is putting decades of commitment and progress at risk, as many teachers with cultural or linguistic expertise are the most recent hires. HB 2001 ensures cultural or linguistic expertise are factors in layoff determinations, within and in addition to existing seniority considerations.

With your support of HB 2001, we’ll be one step closer to the just and equitable system Oregonians deserve.

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