The Class of 2021

Current Events & News | 01/20/2022

Stand for Children, Oregon Team

The Class of 2021 spent 12 months distance learning. They faced more obstacles than many of us can understand and yet, they overcame enormous roadblocks to become what they are today: graduates.

Oregon’s graduation rate for the Class of 2021 is slightly up from 2019’s rate, which is the last time Oregon students had access to an uninterrupted education. At 80.6%, the rate is down from last year. Learn more. 

Our focus now is continuing to chip away at systemic obstacles with equity centered investments like Measure 98, the Black/African-American Student Success Plan, and the Student Success Act which will support those graduating in years to come. We’re hopeful that as students continue to learn in-person, we’ll begin to close the gap that was widened by this pandemic.

We’re grateful to the many essential workers – the educators and leaders who are dedicated to creating opportunities for Oregon students – especially given the unpredictable challenges presented by this pandemic.

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