Measure 98 is not one-size-fits-all

College & Career Readiness | 08/30/2017

Toya Fick
Executive Director, Stand for Children Oregon

Students in the Portland Public School system head back to school today, and next week their peers across the state will too. Thanks to Measure 98 – the voter-mandated ballot initiative providing schools with additional funding for career-technical education (CTE), college-level educational opportunities and dropout prevention strategies – students now have more resources and supports than ever to help them succeed in high school and beyond.

Every single school district in Oregon has already applied for funding, securing their respective allocations and ensuring this long-term investment gets off to a great start. And now that each high school is assured its share of the $170 million lawmakers provided, it’s time for administrators and teachers to decide how they will make the most of this great new opportunity for their students.

Measure 98 is not a one-size-fits-all policy – schools are not required to invest its funds the same way.

Measure 98 funding varies based on the size of a school district. School districts receiving more funding also have more requirements for how their money is used. Districts with less funding will have more flexibility in how they invest it. Here’s a glance at how this works:

  • Small districts receiving less than $200,000 per biennium can choose to implement only one of Measure 98’s three components: CTE, college-level educational opportunities and dropout prevention strategies
  • Medium districts receiving between $200,000-$700,000 per biennium can choose to develop two of the three options, but one of their investments must be career-technical education.
  • Large districts receiving more than $700,000 per biennium must implement all three.

You can click here to see how much money your school district is receiving.

Measure 98 is not a blank check, but its opportunities are boundless. Schools have the flexibility to make this investment as distinct and unique as the students they serve.

Let’s work together to ensure these funds are put to the best use for our kids. With your help, the Class of 2021 will have the highest graduation rate in Oregon’s history!

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