Bipartisan Group of Lawmakers Push for 98

College & Career Readiness, Legislation | 03/16/2017

Toya Fick
Executive Director

Toya Fick is the Executive Director of Stand for Children Oregon.

On Monday, a bipartisan group of legislators gathered at the capitol to express their support for upholding the will of voters and implementing Measure 98.

State Sens. Chuck Thomsen, R-Hood River, and Rod Monroe, D-Portland, and state Reps. Mark Johnson, R-Hood River; Jeff Reardon, D-Portland; and Janeen Sollman, D-Hillsboro, all shared their commitment to addressing Oregon’s dismal high school graduation rate and making sure the opportunities outlined in Measure 98 are available next fall.   

Education is a bipartisan issue, and we were glad to see legislators from every caucus demonstrating their commitment to fixing the graduation rate. Voters made themselves clear last November, and now it’s up to the legislature to turn this support into real opportunities for Oregon’s high school students. 

Nicole Yip also joined us at the press conference. Nicole is now a junior at Pacific University, but at one time she didn’t think she’d graduate from high school. Her plea to legislators to make Measure 98 a reality appeared in the Oregonian this month

Help us continue to keep the importance of Measure 98 on legislators’ minds by sharing your story. Did career technical education keep you engaged in school? Did a high school counselor help you make it to graduation? Let us know. 

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