It's Bigger Than Me

Elections | 10/26/2016

Toya Fick
Executive Director

As executive director, Toya guides the strategy and policy work at Stand for Children Oregon.

I can barely stomach the news these days. The current political mood is divisive, irate, and theatrical.

Consequently, I spend a lot of time reflecting on the world I want for my children. As I read my children to sleep each night, I’m reminded this election is about them and ALL children in Oregon.

Take the pledge to be an education voter.

Stand staff, members, staff at Northwest Health Foundation, staff at Coalition of Communities of Color and staff at Latino Network all speak up on behalf of kids and community with their vote!  All have endorsed Measure 98.

Thankfully, politics isn’t merely the theatrics presented on television news, and I’ve also witnessed unprecedented partnership this election season. Behind the curtains, I’ve seen:

My vote is bigger than me. It’s bigger than my child. It’s bigger than Stand.

The vote I took yesterday – with my children in my lap – is about the 580,000 children in Oregon public schools that so many of us are united behind.

Pledge to vote with kids in mind this election season. Pledge to vote for the leaders who will unite and not divide. Pledge to vote for the leaders who will listen to and reflect parent and community voices in Salem.

Pledge to be an education voter.

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