My Journey After 'Beat the Odds'

Upcoming Events, Who We Are | 10/25/2016

Rogelio Perez
2009 Beat the Odds Scholarship Winner

Since his scholarship win, Rogelio has graduated from Portland State, and plans to attend law school next year.

Receiving the Beat the Odds Scholarship in 2009 was just the beginning of a long journey. I went to community college and then transferred to Portland State University to complete my bachelor’s degree. Along the way I worked full time and navigated the costly price of college. More than once I questioned my ability to finish what I had started.

Luckily, I always had the support of those who believe in me – including Stand for Children. Janene continues to be supportive and provide encouragement as I pursue new education opportunities. Her support did not end at my graduation. As I continue on my education path, I know that it will be crucial to continue to hold these relationships close and build on these friendships along the way.

This past spring, I graduated from PSU’s school of business, majoring in finance. I will use that as a stepping stone to continue my education. I am currently studying for the LSAT and hope to attend law school next fall. Education has always been of great importance to me and I knew from an early age I wanted to attend law school.

Being a lawyer will provide me with the skills I will need to help others in times of need and give back for the unconditional support I have received from my community.

Throughout my life I have seen people struggle and live in uncertainty. I hope that I can bring opportunity and hope to those people.

Being the first in my family to attend college created a huge educational opportunity for me. I learned to be resourceful and push myself out of my comfort zone. Of course, I couldn’t do it alone. Stand for Children was always along for the ride providing support and encouragement along the way. 

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