Center for American Progress & Catch-up Costs

College & Career Readiness | 09/29/2016

Kelsey Cardwell
Marketing and Communications Director

This month, the Center for American Progress published a report on "The Cost of Catching Up." When students enter college unprepared, they are often forced to take remedial courses, or courses that do not count toward their degree. These classes increase the time it takes for a student to attain their degree, and also make it more likely that student will drop out of college.

The report estimates that remediation costs Oregon students and their families $27 million annually in out-of-pocket costs. It also places Oregon as having the third highest remediation rate for first-time students, at 78 percent. The state with the next highest remediation rate is New Mexico, at 58 percent.

Oregon high school students need more and better college and career preparation. That's why Stand for Children Oregon has joined arms with the Latino Network, the Coalition of Communities of Color, state leaders and many more to pass Measure 98. Measure 98 directs the Oregon legislature to prioritize career technical education, college prep classes like Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate, and other proven ways to boost student success in high school.

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