It's not you, it's them.

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Toya Fick
Executive Director

As Executive Director, Toya guides the strategy and policy work at Stand for Children Oregon.

It’s not you. It’s them.

That’s what Giving Tuesday is about—the students, parents, and teachers that we work for every day at Stand for Children. It’s about people like Dana.

Dana moved here from Arkansas a few years ago. Her two eldest children had gone through Arkansas public schools, but her third child, Abbey, started her freshman year here in Oregon.

When Abbey brought home her class schedule for that year, it had three blank spaces on it. She and her mom were perplexed as to why 20% of her school year was missing, because the concept of “part-time high school,” in the 9th grade no less, was unheard of back in Arkansas. They fought hard to fill Abbey’s schedule, but all they could add was a study hall. That's when Dana connected with Stand.

We work with members like Dana every day to give more children access to a great education -- chip in $5 or more this Giving Tuesday to help fund this work.

The same thing happened Abbey’s sophomore and junior years. Soon, Abbey’s concerns about having an adequate course load for college applications felt increasingly trivial as she began to worry about having enough credits to graduate on time.

Dana united with scores of Stand members from across the state demanding swift change to the state rules that govern high school schedules. Together, we built an unstoppable, parent-powered movement, and helped generate the second highest number of public comments ever made to the state board of education.

That's what our members do. They unite and empower more parents to take action on behalf of their local schools. They hold public officials accountable to our students.

And as a result, all school districts will soon be required to provide full schedules to nearly all of their students. Our kids won!

This Giving Tuesday, I hope you’ll consider making a donation to support Stand for Children members and invest in their work to change the world.

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