No DeLorean Required

College & Career Readiness, Current Events & News | 10/20/2015

Kelsey Cardwell
Marketing and Communications Director

Kelsey oversees Oregon's marketing and communications.

Giving Oregon Students a Better Future

Thirty years ago, Marty McFly took his time-traveling DeLorean and went back to the future or, more precisely, October 21, 2015. That classic movie has me thinking about Oregon’s schools.

On this day three decades ago, the year 2015 was a limitless expanse of opportunity and innovation. But the current day truth for many of our high school students is that their opportunities are about as real as a time-traveling DeLorean. 

That’s why we’re going to the ballot in order to improve the quality of high school for all Oregonians. We need your support to prove that the future is now, and now is the time to make a difference for Oregon kids!

Will you join me in supporting our Oregonians for High School Success campaign?

Just a few clicks on your phone or computer (which really are wonders of the modern world) will go a long way to improving the futures of Oregon’s high school students.

We have waited far too long to use proven strategies to create better tomorrows for Oregon’s students. That’s why we will push for: 

  1. More career-technical education opportunities to students. 
  2. Better drop-out prevention strategies to keep kids in school. 
  3. More dual-credit courses so that students arrive at college prepared.

The best part is, we don’t need a time machine to take us 30 years into the future in order for our schools to improve. If we act now, our students’ futures will be brighter and filled with more possibilities. And we can do all of this without the help of Doc Brown!

Let’s secure a brighter future for all Oregon students. Add your name to the list of Oregonians for High School Success supporters!

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