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OBA Names Sue Levin as Statesman of the Year


The Oregon Business Association recently announced that this year's Statesman of the Year honoree is our own Sue Levin, executive director of Stand For Children Oregon.  

Each year OBA brings the state’s business and political communities together to celebrate policy successes and honor a leader who has gone above and beyond in their efforts and dedication to the citizens of Oregon. The Statesman Dinner is Oregon’s largest annual gathering of political and business leaders.  

OBA Board President Ryan Deckert said Levin is being recognized as a Statesman for her hard work and leadership throughout the session around PERS and revenue reform in a herculean effort to ensure a bright future for Oregon’s children: 

“Sue is a natural-born leader who showed uncommon courage standing for children and working diligently to keep these difficult discussions around PERS and revenue at the forefront of the session. Without Sue’s tremendous efforts, we would not be as close as we are today to achieving a sustainable revenue future for this state. She stood in the face of tremendous pressure and didn’t back down, won’t back down as we continue moving forward to solve big issues affecting Oregon and our citizens. She is truly dedicated to serving Oregon’s kids.”

Sue would not be receiving this award if it weren’t for Stand's members and supporters. This past legislative session, thousands of you stood up for sensible pension reform and stable school funding. Sue’s message was your message: We demand a bipartisan commitment to solving tough budget problems, so that ALL students in Oregon can receive an excellent public education.

Levin will be honored at OBA’s 13th Annual Statesman Dinner to be held on Thurs., Oct. 17 at the Oregon Convention Center. This year's keynote speaker will be Sally Jewell, U.S. Secretary of the Interior and former head of REI.