Class of 2009

Rebecca Lee
Roseburg High School
Western Oregon University

Rebecca Lee grew up in England but moved to Roseburg in 7th grade when her parents divorced and her father met someone online. As the new marriage deteriorated, her father became mentally unstable and abusive. After child protective services became involved, one of Rebecca’s teachers offered to become her foster mother. Rebecca graduated with honors, and today she is at Western Oregon University studying education.

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Gustavo Moreno
Woodburn High School
George Fox University 


Gustavo Moreno first attended Woodburn High as an infant enrolled in the early education center; his mother was a 14 year-old student when she gave birth to him. With as many as 10 other relatives in a two-room apartment, food and positive attention were scarce. Although Gustavo initially struggled in school to become literate in both Spanish and English, he graduated with his International Baccalaureate diploma and is now studying engineering at George Fox University.

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Stephanie Lutz
David Douglas High School
Oregon State University

Stephanie Lutz grew up in a home where drug use was an everyday occurrence. She saw her father sent to prison for 40 years and lost her brother to suicide. At thebeginning of her freshman year, her mother was arrested and Stephanie was placed in foster care. As a senior Stephanie was the student body president and valedictorian. Today, she is studying to become a veterinarian at Oregon State University.

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