Class of 2019 - Lane County

Thanks to an exciting partnership with the Renaissance Foundation, our Beat the Odds scholarship increased from $10,000 over four years to $16,000, and the number of scholars grew from four to 16!


Jazlyn Moulton, Springfield High School

Jazlyn was 8 years old the first time she stayed in a mission with her mom and siblings. The years following that period were a roller coaster of shelters, motels, and temporary homes as the family struggled to find stability. Jazlyn’s mom has severe PTSD, which impacts her ability to work, parent, and navigate social supports. Presently, Jazlyn is living independently; excelling in school, working, and helping care for her younger siblings. She loves sports and being a part of the community at Springfield High School. She is excited to begin college at Warner Pacific University in the fall. She will be the first in her family to earn a degree.

Melia Barbion, North Eugene High School

In middle school, Melia struggled academically. Her parents were not able to help her; Melia’s mother never completed high school and her father has been incarcerated most of her life. Melia dreamed of one day being a nurse practitioner, but her grades were dropping, and she doubted her ability to make it to college. As a freshman at North, Melia decided to make a fresh start. AVID helped her improve her study skills, and she forged close relationships with her teachers. Today, she is an A student with her sights set on Oregon State University.

Graciela Vazquez, North Eugene High School

Life was chaotic for Graciela during elementary school. Her father was addicted to drugs and alcohol, and he frequently became violent. When Graciela was ten, her father went to jail, and was ultimately deported. His legal troubles and deportation put an end to the cycle of abuse that Graciela, her mother, and her siblings were living in, but it also left them in dire straits financially. Graciela’s mother began working multiple jobs while Graciela took over many of the responsibilities at home.

Graciela has many balls in the air, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. She is determined to achieve her goal of becoming a labor and delivery nurse. On top of school, work, and helping her family, she makes time to volunteer at a local hospital. She hopes to attend Linfield College or Concordia in the fall.

Jacob Neet, Lowell Jr/Sr High School

Jacob and his little brother, Jesse, spent their early childhood years in and out of foster care because their biological parents struggled with substance abuse. Jacob bonded with Rob and Cheryl Neet, his then-foster parents, and continued to see them even after being returned to his biological parents’ home. Then, when Jacob was seven, his biological parents got in trouble with the law. He and Jessie entered the foster care system again, and the Neets became his legal guardians. Education and hard work have always been important to Jacob, and today, he’s poised to graduate from Lowell Jr/Sr high school and begin the classes he’ll need to become a CNA. He plans to transfer from Lane Community College to Oregon Tech, where he’ll begin his journey to become a travel nurse.


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