Senator Arnie Roblan, Senate District 5

Why we’re endorsing Arnie Roblan

Sen. Arnie Roblan is a long-time advocate for kids and schools. In his local community, he was a notable teacher and principal. Since then, he has led the charge on many student-focused bills. This year, he was called out on our legislative scorecard as an outstanding legislator for his role to move legislation that improves how our state reports on the progress of English learner programs.

Senator Roblan was also recognized on our 2011 legislative scorecard, when as House Co-Speaker, he demonstrated leadership and helped to move a critical package of education bills through the Oregon House. He was again recognized on our 2013 legislative scorecard as a champion for kids. As co-chair of the Senate Education Committee and a member of the Joint Ways and Means Committee, Sen. Roblan has been committed to education policies that help put more children on a path to success. He has been supportive of increased school funding, mentoring, the CLASS project and Tuition Equity.

Some other career highlights include:

  • Appointing the State Superintendent of Public Education (SB 552)
  • Creating a Pre-K-to-20 Education Council (SB 909)
  • CLASS Project Expansion (SB 252, SB 5055)
  • Improve Teacher Preparation (HB 3474)
  • Full Day Kindergarten (SB 248)

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