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2012 Election Endorsements



Stand for Children's mission is to ensure that all kids, regardless of their background, graduate from high school prepared for, and with access to, a college education. In Oregon, too many kids don't make it to graduation with the skills they need. Through our community organizing and political advocacy, we seek to change the odds for Oregon kids.

The Oregon legislature plays a key role in funding and policy decisions affecting every child in the state. Therefore, we work to elect leaders who are deeply committed to improving educational opportunities for children and who put students at the forefront of education policies.

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Every child in Oregon should have access to a vibrant public school. How do we get there? The Oregon Guiding Principles are the foundation of our work. We believe that all students - especially those who are underserved - should be on a path to success. Our schools should be sustainably and adequately funded. Teachers, school staff and parents are critical to students' success and should be supported, empowered and respected.

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Issue Alignment
They show a commitment to raising achievement for all students, increasing family and community involvement, improving school funding, and ensuring our schools have effective principals and teachers. If an incumbent, they have a strong track record on behalf of our issues and bills.

Strong Personal Character
They're bold on reform, have a vision and make clear commitments. Candidates value citizen engagement and welcome meaningful participation by Stand for Children in the policy-making process. They show leadership, strive for consensus but support potentially unpopular policy changes if necessary to get results for children.

They have a clear and viable strategy for winning their race.

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