Stand University for Parents

A family and parent engagement program

Stand UP (Stand University for Parents), an initiative of the Stand for Children Leadership Center, is a research-based, eight-week family engagement program focused on actionable steps parents can immediately take to get involved in their children’s academics and to ensure their children are on track to college.

Our objectives of the Stand UP program are to:

  • Increase parents’ confidence and knowledge about how to help their children succeed
  • Increase ongoing family involvement in education advocacy for all students
  • Teach parents actions they can take to meaningfully lead academic success with their children

Some of the topics covered in the classes include: parental role definition, parent-school relationships, understanding the path to college, and specific strategies to help students learn at home. 

Additionally, Stand UP provides parents with six success factors of parent engagement:

  1. Get informed and get involved in your child's learning.
  2. Be your child's first and most important teacher.
  3. Set high expectations.
  4. Make reading a daily priority in your home.
  5. Build your child's self-esteem.
  6. Take action to improve education for ALL students.

Stand Oregon has graduated three classes of parents. Meet our first graduating class:

Stand UP by Stand for Children on Exposure

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