Voters' Guide for the November 2016 Candidate Races

Our Endorsement Process:

  1. Candidates are invited to participate in our endorsement process and complete our online questionnaire.
  2. Based on a candidate’s questionnaire responses and his/her voting record (this only applies to incumbents), some candidates may be invited to a phone interview with staff, local chapter leaders, and our Statewide Endorsement Committee. 
  3. Using the candidate endorsement criteria, candidates are evaluated based on their:
    a)     Responses to our questionnaire;
    b)     Voting record on our key issues (if applicable);
    c)     Interview responses (if applicable); and
    d)     Overall alignment with our priorities.
  4. After considering all the relevant information, our Statewide Endorsement Committee and our local chapters will work with Stand for Children staff to make an endorsement decision.

Candidate criteria

  1. Issue Alignment: They show a commitment to raising achievement for all students, increasing family and community involvement, improving school funding, and ensuring our schools have effective principals and teachers. If they are an incumbent, they have a strong track record on behalf of our issues and bills.
  2. Strong Personal Character: They're bold on reform, have a vision and make clear commitments. Candidates value citizen engagement and welcome meaningful participation by Stand for Children in the policy-making process. They show leadership, strive for consensus but support potentially unpopular policy changes if necessary to get results for children.
  3. Viability: They have a clear and viable strategy for winning their race.

A Member's Perspective

Learn about Stand member Margi Brown's education priorities and why she chose to get involved with our electoral work:

Margi Brown and Executive Director Toya Fick speak with Sen. Ginny Burdick during Stand's 2014 Lobby Day.

Not only is Margi Brown an active member of the Portland chapter, but she is a founding member of the Portland 80%ers, an advocacy organization that informs and enlists the 80% of Portland citizens who don't have kids in school. As a former teacher and current grandmother of two PPS students, Margi is keenly aware that the entire community is responsible for providing the next generation with a great public education. This is especially true of elections, because everyone, not just school staff and parents, must choose leaders who will boldly represent the interests of Portland's children.

"I was impressed by all four of the candidates we interviewed and thought that for the most part they were all supportive of the education objectives we raised," Margi said. "I was also impressed that the candidates brought a variety of experience and expertise that could be very useful in producing positive outcomes in the legislature."

Margi has been an education advocate since the 1970s, and has participated in the endorsement process in the past. Her expertise was invaluable in this year's candidate interviews. Stand looks forward to working with Margi's direct and respectful communication style again when we speak with legislators during the 2017 legislative session.

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