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Education Funding

Oklahoma has led the country in cuts to education funding for three straight years. As a percentage, we’ve cut almost twice as much as Alabama, the second worst state on the list.

We can’t continue down this road. Far too many students are suffering. Many school districts across the state have been forced to adopt four-day school weeks, and many more have had to increase classroom sizes.

Enough is enough.

Because sufficient funding spent wisely is key to education quality, we’ll oppose any plan to divert public tax dollars from already underfunded schools to private institutions with zero accountability. It’s fiscally irresponsible at a time when schools have suffered the largest cuts in the country since 2008.  

School choice, by itself, does not ensure equal educational opportunity. To have equal educational opportunities for all students, schools must have sufficient funding spent wisely—that includes the resources necessary to support well-prepared, and well-trained, teachers.

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