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Fixing Oklahoma’s budget problem

For the third year in a row, Oklahoma will face yet another budget hole. This means many services Oklahomans rely on to pull their families out of poverty—like public education—have endured drastic cuts.

Stand for Children Oklahoma will advocate relentlessly to address structural problems with the budget process that have led to continuous deficits and draconian cuts to education and other state services upon which Oklahomans rely. Every single revenue-raising measure must be on the table to fill the nearly $900 million budget hole we’re facing this year and to secure the funding necessary to provide for strong public schools and well-supported teachers.

It’s time for overall tax reform in Oklahoma. This includes reversing many of the generous special interest tax giveaways corporations and wealthy individuals have benefited from at the expense of our public school system.

At a time when our teachers rely on food pantries to feed their families because their pay is so low, it’s time for bold leadership to tackle the persistent revenue problem our state is facing.

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