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A Chance To Get It Right This Time

Legislation, School Funding, Teachers & Principals | 08/10/2017

Amber England
Executive Director

Amber England is the Executive Director of Stand for Children Oklahoma.

Have you heard the news? The Oklahoma Supreme Court issued their ruling on the cigarette “fee” today—and they deemed it unconstitutional. Which means around $200 million our lawmakers budgeted for is no longer available.

So what can the legislature do about it? They can go back into a special session and finally give Oklahoma families a budget they deserve—one that invests instead of cuts. A budget that finally gives our teachers the pay raise they deserve and invests in our schools.

Our lawmakers have a chance to get it right this time. And Governor Fallin has a chance to step up and be the leader we need right now.

Contact Gov. Fallin now, and ask her to call a special session.

As part of the Save Our State coalition, we’ve put together a strategic budget blueprint, and we urge lawmakers to take it seriously.

Our students and teachers are facing a severe education crisis, and if our state can’t properly educate its children, how can it have a prosperous future?

A special session might be our only chance to repair the budget and encourage lawmakers to put education at the forefront this time.

Tell Gov. Fallin why our state can’t sustain another year of damaging budgets and why our students should be a priority.

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