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Statement in response to budget bill

School Funding | 05/26/2017

Amber England

Amber England is the Executive Director of Stand for Children Oklahoma.

Stand for Children Oklahoma Executive Director Amber England issued the following statement in response to Governor Fallin’s and legislative leaders’ budget proposal:

“Today's passage of the budget is rather unfortunate. At the beginning of the legislative session, lawmakers promised teachers a pay raise and promised to fix the structural problems of the budget that have created a revenue crisis in Oklahoma for years. This budget not only fails to meet those promises, it also hurts our students, our schools, our teachers, and our families.

“Instead of using this session as an opportunity to fix the structural budget problems, lawmakers passed a budget built using tricks and gimmicks, with zero transparency in the eleventh hour, full of constitutionally questionable revenue that’s balanced on the backs of working families all to protect Big Oil from paying their fair share.

“Governor Fallin should veto this terrible budget and ask lawmakers to go back to the drawing board and put together a better budget that addresses the structural problems of the process, is built with the full transparency Oklahomans expect, invests in our schools, and gives our teachers a fully-funded pay raise. Oklahomans are in desperate need of a leader who will step up and do what’s necessary to make Oklahoma a better place to live, work, and raise a family.”

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