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Response to Revenue Failure

Current Events & News | 02/21/2017

Amber England

Amber England is the Executive Director of Stand for Children Oklahoma.

Stand for Children Oklahoma’s executive director, Amber England, issued the following statement in response to today’s revenue failure announcement by the Board of Equalization: 

“Today’s announcement means many services Oklahomans rely on to pull their families out of poverty, including public education, will receive yet another round of cuts.

It’s called a revenue failure for a reason, and we can’t continue down this road. It’s time for bold leadership from Oklahoma lawmakers to place every single revenue-raising measure on the table to fix the budget problem which has plagued our state for years and will continue to do so without swift, meaningful action.

This should start with reversing the hundreds of millions of dollars in generous special interest tax giveaways for corporations that have benefited the most while Oklahoma students continue to suffer with underfunded schools. Leaving this money on the table has resulted in four-day school weeks, overcrowded classrooms, and teachers fleeing the state for higher pay.”

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  • The tax plan, that exists now, cannot sustain the state. It is obvious that the citizens of Oklahoma have been bled to death with taxes, already. Another absolute fact is the the oil and gas industry has been given over $400 million in tax breaks and credits. The answer is right in front of the faces of our governor, and legislators. I believe they are profiting by making deals with O&G. If you have the interests of the people of Oklahoma ahead of your desire to gain wealth, then follow the tax plan of a successful oil state to the south. Texas has the largest rainy day fund in the U.S. Folks in Oklahoma don't have any more to give
    Bonnie Singer

    February 22, 2017 2:34 PM