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Stand up for children. Not special interests

In the last three years, lawmakers gave away over $1 billion in tax breaks to oil and gas companies. Meanwhile, Oklahoma led the nation in cuts to education.

This is not right, and it’s crucial for you to call your lawmakers today at (405) 309-3909.

Instead of handing out special interest giveaways, our lawmakers could invest that money in our students and teachers.

It’s time Oklahoma oil and gas companies pay their fair share. Contact your lawmaker if you agree. The number to call is (405) 309-3909.

It might seem intimidating to call your lawmakers, so we’ve included some helpful tips to make the process even easier:

  • Make sure you say your name, phone number, and address at the beginning of the call (so your elected official knows they are hearing from a person in their district).

  • Be polite, but firm.

  • If you mess up, just dial the number and record again!

Let’s get started!

  • Dial (405) 309-3909 and follow the prompts to leave a voicemail.

  • Follow the script below.

  • Make sure you include your address (so we can get your message to the right people).

  • Simply hang up when you are done (or call back if you want a “do over”).

  • We’ll deliver the voicemail to your state legislators on your behalf.

Sample script:

Hi, this is Jane Doe, and I live in your district at 432 Elm Street in Watonga, zip code 73772.I’m calling because it’s time to put students, schools, and families before special interest tax giveaways. The budget has been balanced on the backs of working families for far too long. It’s time to restore the gross production tax back to 7 percent so oil and gas companies pay their fair share. I understand your job is hard, but it is not impossible. Thank you, my phone number is __________if you have any questions. Goodbye. [Note: Leaving your phone number is optional, but many legislators prefer you do so they can follow up.]

If you’re ready to get started, dial the number today: (405) 309-3909.

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