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The Standing Senate Education and House Education committees are the first point of contact during the session for bills related to public school policies and administration, accountability, and school finance. Let them know how you feel about our legislative agenda, as well as the lawmakers that represent you.


Josh Brecheen -

John Ford (Chair) -

Earl Garrison -

Jim Halligan -

Clark Jolley -

Susan Paddack -

Marty Quinn -

Ron Sharp (VC) -

Wayne Shaw -

Jason Smalley -

John Sparks -

Gary Stanislawski -

Roger Thompson -


Rep. Chad Caldwell -

Rep. Edward Cannaday -

Rep. Dennis Casey -

Rep. Donald Condit -

Rep. Ann Coody (Chair) -

Rep. Dan Fisher -

Rep. William Fourkiller -

Rep. Katie Henke -

Rep. John Jordan -

Rep. Sally Kern -

Rep. Jeannie McDaniel -

Rep. Jason Nelson -

Rep. Jadine Nollan -

Rep. Michael Rogers (VC) -

Rep. Shane Stone -

Rep. Chuck Strohm -

Rep. Todd Thomsen -


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