Teaching Beyond the Textbook

Teacher Appreciation Month 2017

Teachers make an undeniable impact on their students. In celebration of the amazing teachers across the country who make their classrooms places of respect, incusion, and inspiration, Stand for Children has launched the Teaching Beyond the Textbook video series.

Throughout Teacher Appreciation Month, meet just a few incredible teachers who are building the next generation of engaged, upstanding leaders. 

Shawn Hayes

"It's ok to fail. It's not ok not to try."

Meet Shawn Hayes. He's turned this saying into a classroom motto for his 4th and 5th grade special education students. Shawn sees the potential in every student, and his actions in the classroom make our society a more inclusive, understanding place. 

Esther Cuevas

"If they have somebody who believes in them, they'll do wonderful things."

Esther's experience growing up as an immigrant to the U.S. led her to a career teaching pre-K students, many of whom are also the children of immigrants. 


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