National Staff

Rich Nevin

Director of Technology Development

As Director of Technology Development, Rich is responsible for delivering transformative enterprise technology and data solutions for Stand. In addition to leading innovative technical initiatives, he runs the Engineering, Data Analysis, and Tech Ops teams to deliver results for cohorts across the organization and for kids across the country.

Rich's extensive experience crosses industry boundaries in both business and technical roles. He has founded two companies and earned an array of professional achievements in semiconductors, telecommunications, e-learning, medical devices, publishing, and marketing communications. He has built award winning software and web-based products, owns a medical device patent, and has a published book in the Library of Congress.

Rich is actively involved in the community, having coached and mentored over 25 youth teams in soccer, basketball, and baseball through the City of Portland, Alameda Soccer Club, Northeast United, and Wilshire-Riverside. Before earning a double Honors degree in Physics and Mathematics from Colorado State University, Rich learned to catch crawfish in Kentucky and climb mountains in Washington. He bikes to work in Portland, Oregon, where he lives happily with his family.

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