National Staff

Lisa Changadveja

Vice President of Elections

Lisa Changadveja is originally from Helen, GA and is the daughter of Thai immigrants. She started her involvement in politics by volunteering for John Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign in Florida. After 2004, she worked as a legislative aid and communications assistant for Georgia State Senator Curt Thompson and later worked on the reelection campaign for Oregon's then-governor Ted Kulongoski. In 2007, she joined Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign as a regional field director, mobilizing voters in Nevada, Ohio, and Indiana. She also later served as the Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders Outreach Director for Hillary for America and a Regional Field Manager for Planned Parenthood Federations of America. Prior to Stand, she was the Coordinated Director for the Colorado Democratic Party where she oversaw the strategic planning and decision-making for a statewide program that included managing 215+ staffers across outreach, data, legal, and operations/HR departments across 50+ offices and managed a $8.3 million budget on behalf of 8 candidates.

In her free time, Lisa can either be found traveling the world, building arenas for high school robotics competitions, or biking around the beach. Lisa currently resides in Los Angeles, CA with her two cats.

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