National Staff

Colleen Mahon

General Ledger Accountant I

Colleen was born and raised in New York with her five siblings and parents. She eventually moved to the desert in Arizona and earned her degree in finance and accounting. Her passion for education stems from the change in our education system throughout the years and being passionate herself about learning. Her most recent position was an accounting position for a corporate construction company – she is excited to be bringing her knowledge of finance and analytical thinking to the nonprofit world – where a difference is not only made in lives but felt!

Colleen’s life mission is to promote significant, positive change in communities and individuals through advocacy, empowered by compassion and pride. Colleen moved to Portland, Oregon in 2019 and has already fallen in love. A few things she is passionate about already: the nature, the community, the food, and this exciting opportunity at Stand! When Colleen is not working, she enjoys spending time in nature or indoors, with friends and family, living life to the utmost.


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