Low-Cost or Free Home Internet Access

Below is a list of the free or discounted programs that internet providers are offering during this time. They have been vetted by our staff. 


  • Lifeline is a federal program that lowers the monthly cost of phone and internet. Eligible customers will a discount of up to $9.25 toward their bill. 
  • If you qualify for Lifeline, you likely qualify for the free or discounted programs offered by the providers below. 

Xfinity - 855-846-8376

  • Internet Essentials provides two months of free internet service to new customers who apply by April 30. 

AT&T - 866-861-6075

  • Two months of free service to new Access customers who sign up by April 30. 

Verizon - 800-417-3849

  • New customers who qualify through the Lifeline program can receive $20 off any Fios Home Internet Mix & Match plan.

COX - 844-488-8395

Additional Tips:

  • Don’t let providers try to upsell you. Make it clear you are only interested in the free/low-cost options available right now to help your children do their schoolwork online.
  • If you’re speaking to a customer service representative and they’re encouraging you to sign up online, insist they help you over the phone if you lack internet access currently.
  • Assistance is available in other languages by all of these companies. If you need to speak to a representative in another language, don’t be afraid to ask.
  • If you’re asked to provide a credit card number to participate in free or discounted promotions, make sure you clarify what the card will be used for, what amount will be billed and when it will be billed. Find out the exact date when you will be billed, note it down, and be sure to cancel the special service before this date.
  • Several individuals called/chatted with CenturyLink and were told that they are not offering a program of this kind. We don’t recommend reaching out to them.


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