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Why I Stand: Rachel Ramirez


Next up in our Why I Stand series for Hispanic Heritage Month is Rachel Ramirez, one of our awesome organizers from our Oklahoma office. Here is Rachel's story:


Oklahoma Parents Pledge to Keep Their Children in School


Even though Attendance Awareness Month comes to a close next week, attendance is something that should be on our minds all year long. After all, absenteeism in the first month of school can predict poor attendance throughout the school year. Half the students who miss 2-4 days in September go on to miss nearly a month of school, which is likely to slow down reading proficiency and negatively affect general academic performance.

We Stand with WA Leaders Against Charter School Ruling


Two weeks ago, the Washington State Supreme Court made an egregious mistake – they ruled that public charter schools in Washington are unconstitutional. This ruling threatens to close down nearly a dozen public charter schools attended by more than 1,300 students throughout the state.

Why I Stand: Liliana Hutcheson


It's Hispanic Heritage Month, so we at Stand are going to be sharing the stories of some of our incredible Hispanic staff and parent members over the next few weeks. First up is Liliana Hutcheson, an organizer in our Arizona office who has been with Stand for 6 years! Here's Liliana's story:


What We’re Reading: Attendance Awareness Month


Thousands of children across the country headed back to school this week, eager to see what this year will bring. But after this first week or two, many students will start missing enough days here and there to qualify as chronic absenteeism and put them at a serious risk of falling off the academic track.

Since September is Attendance Awareness Month, we put together a reading list of resources all about the effects of poor school attendance and what some schools and organizations are doing about it.

Attendance Facts & Info:

Parents Scramble for Answers in Washington


Last Friday, Washington's Supreme Court ruled that charter schools were unconstitutional. For the thousands of children who had just started the school year at their charter schools a couple weeks before, this left their parents scrambling to figure out what was going to happen.

One of those parents is Jessica Garcia, who held her daughter as she cried over possibly losing the school she loves.

Read Jessica's story

One family's thoughts on back-to-school


It’s back-to-school time again (seriously – where did the summer go?!), and that signifies a yearly transition in many households. So, we wanted to reach out to a family and see what back-to-school is like for them.

Ursula Allston-Hill, a Stand Massachusetts parent leader, and her 6-year-old daughter, Kyrah, spoke to me about their plans and goals for this coming school year. Kyrah is about to start first grade in Boston Public Schools.


Stand: What is your favorite part about back-to-school?

Back to school, back to reality.


Ah, back-to-school. It’s an energizing time – students eagerly await meeting old friends and new, teachers have a fresh start for the year, and parents set goals and expectations for their children. Most of us fondly remember the simultaneous nervousness and excitement of stepping into a new class for the first time: Who’s in the class? What’s my teacher going to be like? Will I get good grades this year?

Thank you to our parents


In honor of Parents' Day this Sunday, some Stand staff members reflect on the things our parents did for us that strengthened our education and helped us achieve success in school. To our parents and all the others who instill the importance of education: we appreciate you!

Summer Reading Challenge Highlights


Friday marked the last day of our first ever Stand Summer Reading Challenge, and it was a success. Over 300 children across the country read for a total of over 144,000 minutes (that’s like watching the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy 211 times!) in an effort to fight summer learning loss.