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Thank you to all of our members


I want to thank all of the members of Stand for Children.

Thank you for expecting the very best of every child. For standing up for what’s right and not just what’s easy. And for all of the little things you do every day to make our movement successful.

Showing up to meetings, signing petitions, talking to friends -- I know these moments may not always feel like much, but it is these moments that make up our movement.

Our work for better schools and brighter futures would be nowhere without you.

So thank you. And keep up the amazing work.

Forget the Kids Who Can’t Get In; What About Those Who Don’t Even Apply?


It’s called “undermatching” — when super-smart poor kids could get into elite schools but are afraid to apply. And it’s a problem we can fix.

‘Tis the season for college admissions. Across the country, high school seniors are in the throes of completing college applications before looming deadlines.

I haven't slept since last week


I'm tired.

Between Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, I feel like I haven't slept since last week.

And yet here I am, asking you to do just one more post-Thanksgiving ritual: Giving Tuesday.

Giving Tuesday is about change. Change in our schools and in our neighborhoods. It's about the opportunity to place a great teacher in every classroom. And it's about hope - hope for every child to grow up with aspirations and dreams and the means to fulfill them.

GIFing Tuesday: 7 Reasons to GIF to Stand for Children


1. Everybody will be like, "Whaaaa? How are you even doing that?"









And you'll just be like, "Oh this? No big deal." #GIFlikeaboss

2. Having a bad day? There's a GIF for that.









What It Takes to Fix American Education


We’re spending way too much time focusing on who is ‘winning’ and ‘losing’ debates over education, and not enough on implementing proven solutions.

As a parent, a mentor, the son of a civil rights leader turned child advocate and a former aide to Robert F. Kennedy, and an advocate for children for nearly twenty years, I can tell you this with confidence: when it comes to helping underserved students succeed, there’s no silver bullet or quick fix.

But there are real solutions:

Why conservatives should support higher learning standards, too


While the vast majority of Americans support higher learning standards, Common Core remains a lightning rod for political pundits, especially among conservative commentators.

But these political attacks are misleading.

New, smarter tests now a ticket out of college remedial classes


Let’s be honest. Taking a test is not particularly fun, but it does serve a purpose.

Think of a test as an academic checkup—a way to make sure students are on track.

One of the hallmarks of a good test is whether it measures student progress towards high expectations, like the new Smarter Balanced tests.

California Teacher Tenure Laws Ruled Unconstitutional


Yesterday, a California judge ruled five provisions of the California Education Code unconstitutional based on their negative impact on student achievement.  The provisions related to teacher tenure and dismissal, forced teacher placement, and last in-first out lay off policies.  With a long appeals court battle ahead, the state of California is having a critical discussion about current teacher staffing laws.

John Legend Meets with Stand Parents in Indianapolis


Earlier this week, there was a lot of laughter and even some tears as nine-time Grammy winner and Stand national board member John Legend met at Stand Indiana’s office with 15 Indianapolis Public School (IPS) parents taking part in our ten week Stand University for Parents (Stand UP) program.

Teacher Appreciation Week: My Teacher was tough, but...


It was my senior year of high school. I wasn’t a great student and the prospects for college were looking grim. I hadn’t quite figured out what the future held – but I knew I wanted to go to Colorado State University.  You see, there was this girl…