Why Ninth Grade is a Big Year

College & Career Readiness, Teachers & Principals | 07/24/2019

Habib Bangura
Director of Implementation & Continuous Improvement

School won't be back in session for several weeks, but we're already taking steps to make sure students have a successful year.

Starting this week, we're meeting with educators and administrators to kick off the expansion of the Center for High School Success, a cost-free resource that provides opportunities for professional development and strategic planning around the Ninth-Grade Success approach. First launched in Oregon, Stand for Children's CHSS is now operating in two additional states – Washington and Tennessee – and partnering with local school districts to implement proven strategies that will allow students to excel in their freshman year.

Here are some FAQs to help you better understand why 9th grade is so pivotal and what Stand is doing ensure more students succeed. 

Why is 9th grade especially important?

The transition from 8th to 9th grade is a major time in a young person’s life. High school comes with additional responsibilities as well as freedoms, and students must learn how to balance academic achievement with their social and emotional growth.

What does it mean to be "on track"?

A student finishing freshman year "on track" will have earned one quarter of the total course credits needed to graduate and will have received no more than one F in a core subject.

How does being "on track" affect graduation rates?

Ninth graders who are on track are four times more likely to graduate high school than their off-track peers.

What does CHSS do to help freshmen succeed?

The program provides free training, technical assistance, data support, and resources to school districts and high schools interested in developing effective 9th grade success programs as a key lever for increasing on-time graduation rates. CHSS supports partner districts and schools through coaching, continuous improvement (based on data analytics), and collaboration.

How is data analysis used to support 9th grade students?

Teachers, administrators, and staff participating in CHSS have access to real-time data that allows them to identify trends in grades, attendance and behavior, even down to the individual student level. With this information, educators can better respond to the specific needs of students.

How can I learn more about Stand's work with Ninth Grade Success?

Visit highschoolsuccess.org and sign up for the latest updates.

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