Set a Goal for this School Year

Parent & Family Engagement | 09/05/2018

Jessica Reynolds
National Digital Coordinator

A new school year is here, and Stand for Children wants it to be your family's best yet. That's why we're challenging parents and students to set an education goal for the new school year – then tell us what it is.

Submit your goal and we'll check in on your progress later in the year and send you a few words of encouragement to help you across the finish line.

Here's a look at what several parents and students have told us they hope to accomplish this school year:

"I'd love for my daughter to learn more about coding because I believe that her future goals require her to have an adequate background in this skill!"

- Tommorrow S., Chicago


"This year my child is going to involve herself in a group that helps children who live in a shelter. I am proud of her for reaching out to others and trying to understand their struggles. this will help her develop empathy and kindness toward others." - Joyce M., Orange County, Calif.


"The goal for my 2-year-old daughter is to learn her ABCs and to be able to count to 10. I want to prepare my daughter for Head Start."

- Joy P., West Baton Rouge, La.

"My daughter wants to set a goal of learning and having a better understanding of Alegbra 1. I'm not able to help her because I don't know it, so instead, I told her to talk to her teacher about it. I believe her teacher will help her out. My goal is for my daughter to pass 8th grade." - Brandi E., Oklahoma City, Okla.


My goal is to apply to attend college. I have been a weather geek since I was 3 years old. The University of Oklahoma in Norman is the number one college in the nation when it comes to learning meteorology." 

- Andy M., Woodward, Okla. 

"My 3rd grade son has a goal of learning his multiplication tables. My 8th grade daughter has a goal of improving her Spanish speaking skills. I have a goal of finding a new way to volunteer in my children's schools." - Lynn W., North Carolina

What are your goals for this school year? Share them with us!

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