What Is Your Child Learning This Summer?

Parent & Family Engagement | 07/17/2019

Georgina Monsalvo
Organizing Director, Stand for Children Arizona

Even though school is out, we have to make sure our kids are still learning. That's why my son, Jorge, is taking coding classes (free at the Apple store!), practicing his multiplication tables, and reading every day. And when it's time to get outside, he's at the pool trying to master swimming underwater.

What skill is your child learning this summer? Maybe how to tie their shoes? Ride a bike? Speak a foreign language? Whatever it is, tell us about it.

We're compiling answers to show what families across the country are doing to stay busy and keep their kids' brains active so that your family can inspire others who may still be looking for ideas.

I can't wait to watch Jorge put his coding skills to use and see how much his math and literacy skills have improved once school starts back. I'm excited to hear about what your kids are learning too!

Keep up the great work! 

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