What Stand Achieved for Students in 2019

Access to High-Quality Schools, Elections, Parent & Family Engagement, School Funding, Who We Are | 03/03/2020

Mary Turina
Chief Development Officer

Thanks to your continued support, 2019 was another successful year at Stand for Children. Today we are proud to release our annual report highlighting the recent impact we made for students.

We achieved substantial change for students with the passage of a first-in-the-nation academic acceleration law in Washington state, expanded Teach Kindness to elementary schools, led the successful fight for free full-day kindergarten in Colorado, ended an unfair English-language learner policy in Arizona, and increased funding for schools in high poverty regions of our nation.

Every day, Stand's staff and volunteers do their part to push for progress so we can all one day live in a society where a child's race, zip code, and language doesn't define their potential. 

As our 2019 report shows, we've made significant strides in breaking down systemic barriers that so often limit the prospects of children of color and those living in poverty — but we must do more. 

Your support helped make all this possible. Please continue to stand with us in 2020 by making a donation today. 

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