What it Means to Stand for Children

Access to High-Quality Schools, Parent & Family Engagement, Who We Are | 06/01/2019

Carmen Lopez
Parent Member, Stand for Children Arizona

If I had never joined Stand for Children, my family’s story would be a lot different. 

My children might have stumbled through school without me knowing much about their progress or recognizing what support they needed to truly thrive. They might have never graduated at all.

Stand supported my family on a path to success by training me to become my children's No. 1 advocate. Organizers and fellow members reminded me of the power I have to speak up for my kids — to school administrators and to lawmakers — and stood with me at every turn as I worked to improve their education.

Ever since its march in Washington D.C., 23 years ago today, Stand has supported countless parents in their pursuit of securing a better future for their children through public education. Please help them continue their tremendous work for another 23 years and beyond by making a donation today.

Stand opened doors for my children and helped me be listened to. Because of Stand, I don't ever feel alone.

If you believe every child deserves a high-quality public education, donate to Stand for Children today. Your generosity will always be remembered by parents like me and the students whose lives you're changing.

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