What If No Child Felt Left Out?

Teachers & Principals | 01/06/2020

Daniel O'Donnell
Director, Teach Kindness

All of us probably remember what it was like to be in school. Each day was filled with social obstacles to navigate, like where to sit at lunch or who to pick to be on a team in P.E. You never wanted to be the kid who was excluded.

What if schools made an intention to create environments where no child was ever excluded?

That’s the goal of Teach Kindness, a free four-week program filled with activities that allow students to learn how their words and actions affect people, and then choose to practice kindness every opportunity they get.

As parents and community members, you play a vital role in spreading the word about Teach Kindness. Do you want your school to teach the value of kindness? Let us know and we'll tell you how to get involved.

The small interactions people have during the day matter. Just listening to someone talk or sharing a few words of encouragement can make a profound difference in a person's day. Teach Kindness gives students opportunities to practice these meaningful interactions and see their impact firsthand. 

Add your name today if you want your school to participate in Teach Kindness.

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