Ways to Celebrate the Earth Every Day

Parent & Family Engagement | 04/18/2019

Jessica Reynolds
National Digital Coordinator

Earth Day is April 22, and it’s a perfect time to teach your children about our planet and the importance of protecting it.

Check out this list of family-friendly activities to do not just on Earth Day, but every day!

1. Recycling – Help reduce landfill waste by giving old materials a new life! Find a container and put it in your kitchen near the trash can, then label it. Next, find out which materials your community accepts (i.e. cardboard, paper, glass, plastic, etc.) by contacting your local officials or researching online. If you don’t already have a curbside recycling bin at your home, request one from your recycling provider. When the bin inside is full, take it and dump it into your curbside bin. One idea: Make it a contest and see which family member can recycle the most items each week.

2. Spend more time outside – Whether it’s taking a weekend trip to a forest for camping and hiking, or playing catch, getting your children to spend more time outside will help them better understand and appreciate nature. One idea: Ask your child to write down the different wildlife they see when sitting outside. Then, go to the library or research online the animals to learn more about their lifecycles and habitats.

3. Grow a garden – Few things are more amazing than planting a seed and watching it blossom into something beautiful, or better yet, delicious. Find a patch in your yard, a neighborhood community garden, or a paper cup on your window sill and plant flowers or vegetables that are in season. Gardening will give your child a firsthand look at the process of photosynthesis (proving science is fun!). Plus, it gives them a good reason to play in the dirt.

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