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Topic: Who We Are

Why I Stand: Rachel Ramirez


Next up in our Why I Stand series for Hispanic Heritage Month is Rachel Ramirez, one of our awesome organizers from our Oklahoma office. Here is Rachel's story:


Why I Stand: Liliana Hutcheson


It's Hispanic Heritage Month, so we at Stand are going to be sharing the stories of some of our incredible Hispanic staff and parent members over the next few weeks. First up is Liliana Hutcheson, an organizer in our Arizona office who has been with Stand for 6 years! Here's Liliana's story:


Thank you to our parents


In honor of Parents' Day this Sunday, some Stand staff members reflect on the things our parents did for us that strengthened our education and helped us achieve success in school. To our parents and all the others who instill the importance of education: we appreciate you!

Happy Children's Book Day!


Today is International Children's Book Day, in honor of Hans Christian Andersen's birthday, and we at Stand certainly believe in the importance that reading has for children. Through fostering creativity and imagination, teaching important lessons, enhancing language and critical analysis skills, and other benefits, books can truly help shape a child's life.

Who I Am and Why I Stand


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lauren Sandherr, and I am the new National Marketing and Communications Coordinator for Stand for Children. In this role, I will be managing and coordinating various elements of the projects our team works on throughout the year, as well as contributing content to the website, blog, and more. While project management and communications compose my professional background, it is what Stand for Children, well, stands for that brought me here.

Teacher Appreciation Week: My Teacher was tough, but...


It was my senior year of high school. I wasn’t a great student and the prospects for college were looking grim. I hadn’t quite figured out what the future held – but I knew I wanted to go to Colorado State University.  You see, there was this girl…



Speaking of inspiring women, we couldn't help but introduce our very own Pam Welch, Stand's Chief Operating Officer. Take a few minutes to learn about Pam's upbringing, her experience as a female leader, and her unique and refreshing personality (don't believe me? Keep scrolling to check out her Halloween costume). 

Tell us about your upbringing.

I grew up in Camp Sherman Oregon, and I went to a two-room schoolhouse for first and second grade. I was the only 2nd grader and one of two 1st graders in the school.

Women Who Stand: Melinda Boone


Continuing on the Women Who Stand series from earlier this year, Tyler decided to track down Dr. Melinda Boone, the first female Superintendent of Worcester Public Schools in Massachusetts. The following is an excerpt from their conversation on leadership, motivation, and being the first female leader at a school district.

Why I Stand: Adriana Figueroa

At age 15, Adriana Figueroa started attending her brother’s parent teacher conferences. “My parents went above and beyond to make sure we lived in a neighborhood where the schools were really good,” Adriana explains. “And that came at a cost.” With her parents working around the clock cleaning office buildings and working in factories, Adriana was the de facto parent for her younger brother.

Why I Stand: Maria Luisa Ramos


Maria Luisa moved to the U.S. at age 15 not knowing any English. She was immediately shunted into remedial classes in every subject, even though she was in all advanced classes in Mexico.

“I went to the counselor and I told her that I wanted to go to college,” Maria Luisa says. “She told me ‘people like you don’t go to college’”.