There's More We Can Do To Stop Bullying

Parent & Family Engagement | 01/14/2020

Angela Brown
Parent Member, Stand for Children Indiana

At school, the kids would follow my daughter to the bathroom and taunt her.

They threw mulch at her on the playground. Another child even slapped her.

She held in her anger and began to act out in school and at home. Her grades were suffering, and as her mom, my heart was suffering.

Eventually, my husband and I were able to get our daughter to open up about being bullied. She told us she didn’t want to go to school anymore. She’s only in fourth grade! We came together as a family, met with her school, and switched her to a different classroom.

Maybe if my daughter’s classmates were taught how to practice kindness, they would’ve treated her with love instead of hate. Kindness can – and should – be taught in schools. Teach Kindness is a free program that provides educators with lesson plans to teach kids how their words and actions affect others.  

I want my kids to love learning – not dread going to school each day. As parents and families, there’s more we can do to make sure no child fears going to school: encourage our schools to participate in Teach Kindness.

If you want your school to teach students the power of kindness, sign up today.

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