This Thanksgiving, Think of These Families

Current Events & News | 11/21/2018

Maria L. Magana

Maria is a retired computer engineer who lives in Washington state.

This Thanksgiving, I’m thinking a lot about my family and the admirable sacrifices they made so that my siblings and I could achieve our potential in this nation. I'm thankful for them and for the opportunities we have had as Americans.

Both of my parents were from Mexico. They met and married in the U.S., and all nine of their children were born here. My mom had a high school education, but my dad was forced to quit school in fifth grade to support his family.

My parents worked hard, paid taxes, and contributed to the community. They taught us the importance of being civically responsible and helping others in need no matter how much or how little we had. Since the days of our humble upbringing, not a lot has changed. Families still flee poverty and violence in their native lands to seek the opportunitiy to work and achieve great lives in the U.S. Like my parents, they pay taxes and contribute toward a better nation. But, rather than celebrate families as assets to American society, the Trump administration wants to punish them with the proposed “public charge” rule.

This new rule will harm children of tax-paying immigrant parents who access public services like health care, food stamps, and housing assistance. These are families like yours and mine who just need a little help sometimes so they can succeed. 

As you celebrate with your loved ones today, please think of these families and take just one minute to speak out against this proposal.

My parents made great sacrifices to give me and my siblings better lives, and they always instilled in us the importance of education. They raised three teachers, a diplomat, a nurse, a computer engineer, a computer programmer, an auto mechanic, and a maintenance worker.

It scares me to think of how many kids won’t be able to grow up and fulfill their dreams if this rule is enacted. Your comment can stop it from happening.

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