Teaching Kindness Works. Here's Proof.

Parent & Family Engagement, Teachers & Principals, Who We Are | 02/12/2020

Daniel O'Donnell
Director, Teach Kindness

What happens when schools add kindness to the curriculum and teach it as a learned skill, just like math, reading and science? 

The result: It transforms school culture, reduces bullying, and creates an environment where every student feels safe and appreciated.

Teach Kindness, our no-cost social-emotional learning program, is making a huge impact at schools across the country. And now this powerful program is garnering national attention! Check out what our friends at NowThis and Emerson Collective are saying about Teach Kindness here.

Sign up today to get information on how to bring Teach Kindness to your school! This four-week program is completely FREE and gives educators lessons and activities designed by the nation's leading social-emotional learning experts that cover important topics like mindfulness, the art of apologizing, and how to practice kindness on social media.

One Indiana school district saw a 50% reduction in bullying after participating in Teach Kindness — in just one semester! We know that teaching kindness works. These students' stories are proof. Do your part to make school a welcoming place for all students by bringing this free program to your community.

Become a Teach Kindness ambassador today!

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