Teachers Deserve Student Loan Forgiveness

Legislation, Teachers & Principals | 08/01/2019

Christen P. DeRise
8th Grade ELA Teacher, New Iberia, La.

I graduated from college nearly 10 years ago, and I still have $16,000 in student loan debt – not including interest. As a teacher and the primary income earner for my family of four, I worry every single month about making my payments. 

But now I have hope. Congress has just introduced a bill that would expand the student loan forgiveness program and give educators, first responders, and other public servants the opportunity to climb out of debt.

Please contact your representatives now and urge them to support student debt relief for teachers!

Teachers shouldn’t have to decide between paying off their loans or feeding their families. I know too many colleagues who have left teaching because they couldn’t afford it, and even some who defaulted on their loans and filed for bankruptcy because their meager salaries couldn’t cover the enormous cost.

Our country is currently facing a nationwide teacher shortage that will only get worse unless Congress acts. If you care about the quality and longevity of our public education system, send a message to your representative now.

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