Stop Playing Games With People's Lives

Legislation | 04/05/2019

Maria Morfin

Congress is finally proposing a permanent solution to protect DREAMers like me – will you show your support?

I was only 2 months old when my mother brought me to the U.S. after fleeing unsafe living conditions in Mexico. I became the first in my family to graduate from college, and when DACA went into effect, I was finally able to stop living in the shadows. But my future – and everything I’ve worked so hard for – has been threatened under President Trump. It’s time to stop playing games with our lives!

I’m asking you to please support me and fellow DREAMers by telling Congress to pass the Dream and Promise Act. This bill will protect immigrant children and families from deportation and give us a path to permanent legal status and citizenship.

The United States is my home. It’s where I was educated, met and married my better half, and started a family.

It’s time for all DREAMers and immigrants with temporary status to have that certainty so we can continue to contribute to this nation we love.

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