Stand for Your Community. Fill Out the Census

Access to High-Quality Schools, Current Events & News | 04/01/2020

Jennifer Warner
VP of Family Engagement, Organizing & Elections

I know it may feel like nothing is in your control right now. Families are struggling, people are hurting, and we're all worried about the health and well-being of our loved ones. We're seeing in real time how absolutely crucial it is for government leaders to act, for our schools to be fully funded and fully resourced, and for our hospitals to be adequately equipped and prepared.  

There is one important thing you can do today to take control and help your community now and in the future: Fill out your 2020 Census.

By now, you should have received a piece of mail with your 12-digit Census ID, which is needed to complete the questionnaire. Grab that form and visit to get started. If you don't have your form, you can still visit this website to start the process.

Filing out the census questionnaire only takes about five minutes — but it makes a difference. It will help determine how billions in federal funding is distributed and will help identify the current and future needs of education, health care, food security, housing, and other vital programs.

Stand with your community today and take action to improve its future. Go to now and fill out your questionnaire.

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