Speak Up to Protect Immigrant Families

Current Events & News | 10/10/2018

Jonah Edelman
Chief Executive Officer

Jonah is the CEO and Co-founder of Stand for Children.

Imagine being a hardworking, loving parent who had to let your children go without food or health care so you could remain in the U.S. legally.

That’s the cruel dilemma immigrant families could soon face.

The Department of Homeland Security has proposed a rule that would classify tax-paying, documented immigrants who receive public services such as health care, food assistance, or housing subsidies as a “public charge” – labeling them a costly burden to the country.

This rule is a blatant attack on immigrant parents and puts families at risk of being torn part.

You have a chance to stop this from happening. Starting today, you can comment on the proposed “public charge” rule. The government will consider your input before making a final decision.

Right now, at a time when our shared American values of decency and respect are being shoved aside, it’s imperative that you use your power and privilege to protect our most vulnerable.

If you’re fed up with the shameful, inhumane treatment of immigrants, this is your opportunity to exercise your rights and speak up.

Use your voice to support American families. Tell the government you reject this rule.

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