Questions to Ask Your Child After School

Parent & Family Engagement | 09/11/2019

Jessica Reynolds
National Digital Coordinator

Getting children to talk about what they did at school on a given day can sometimes seem like an impossible task. 

You ask, "How was school?" They respond, "Fine." 

You ask, "What did you learn today?" They respond, "Nothing." But you know that's not true. 

Here are some other questions to pose to your child that may actually get them to open up and share details about their day:

- Who did you talk to the most today? 

- What did you do at recess or during P.E.? 

- What was the best part of your day? The worst? 

- How many times did you raise your hand in class? 

- What did you eat for lunch? (If you didn't pack it) 

- When is your next test? 

What creative questions do you ask your child to gain insight into their day? Share your favorite ones in the comments!

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