Project 100: Payments to Families in Need

Parent & Family Engagement, Who We Are | 04/21/2020

Jonah Edelman
Chief Executive Officer

Families are under incredible stress right now.

Millions of parents put out of work by the pandemic are out of money and facing impossible choices:

Food or baby formula?
Rent or medicine?
Car payment or water bill?

Families need help NOW, but tens of millions will wait months for their stimulus payment.

That’s why Stand for Children teamed up with Propel and GiveDirectly to launch Project 100, a nationwide campaign to provide $1,000 direct cash transfers to 100,000 families in dire need in the next 100 days. 

Project 100 will provide a critical lifeline to 100,000 families across the country who receive SNAP benefits and use Propel’s Fresh EBT App (if you receive SNAP, check it out — it’s a terrific resource).

That’s why I'm asking every person with the means to please visit www.Project100.US to help families stay afloat. 

By donating, you'll be directly helping parents like Anica. A single mom who worked as a home health aide, she had to stop working to care for her 6-year-old daughter once schools closed. With the $1,000 direct payment she received during the Propel-GiveDirectly direct cash assistance pilot that led to Project 100, Anica bought groceries, made payments toward her rent and cell phone bill, and purchased internet for her daughter's schooling. She also bought an air purifier because her daughter suffers from severe asthma. 

If you’re in a position to be able to extend a hand to families who are drowning, please take part in Project 100 today to provide urgently needed help during COVID-19.

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