Our Differences are Worth Celebrating

Teachers & Principals | 03/06/2019

Jennifer Lepore
Assistant Principal, Crispell Middle School

My school was selected as one of the 10 national finalists in the Middle School Kindness Challenge, and while that’s an awesome feat, what’s really worth celebrating is the difference this program has made in our students’ lives.

One student, Hailey, was particularly moved by the Challenge. Hailey is a person with dwarfism.

At the start of the school year, Hailey knew she wanted her peers to learn more about dwarfism, but instead of focusing just on herself, she wanted everyone to celebrate their differences. Hailey designed a “Difference Wall” with her friends, and students filled out forms that asked them to identify a positive unique quality about themselves. We hung the cards in our main hallway, and many students took time out of their day to read the responses.

Every child deserves to feel not only accepted — but appreciated — at school. With your help, we can make that happen.

Please consider making a gift to the Middle School Kindness Challenge today so more students across the U.S. can learn the power of kindness and understand that our differences are worth celebrating.



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