One Family Can Make A Difference

Access to High-Quality Schools, Elections, Parent & Family Engagement | 12/16/2019

Rob Cohen and Amanda Wojick
Eugene, Oregon

You may think you don't have the power to change politics in your community. Our story proves that you do. 

Our kids go to the oldest school in our town. Built in 1926, it's crumbling and unsafe. When officials proposed a bond measure for funding to replace it, voters were skeptical. But we knew it's what our kids needed, so we joined other Stand for Children members and went door to door to tell neighbors why it was imperative to support the measure — the safety of our kids depended on it. The measure passed 2 to 1, and now plans for the new building are underway. 

Every time our family needs a partner to make change happen, Stand is there. Please donate to support this organization that is standing with parents in our fight for equitable education funding.

In February, we joined Stand in at the Oregon state capitol to meet with our legislators and tell them how our local schools are severely underfunded and understaffed. Our kids even spoke up about their experiences. A few months later, the Oregon legislature passed the Student Success Act, the largest investment for K-12 education in the state's history. Next year, there will be more staff in our schools, and we are weighing in to help our district decide how to prioritize its new funding.

We are just one family, but we made a difference. You can too.

Become a Stand for Children donor today if you believe all children deserve a high-quality education and want to support families who are fighting to make this a reality. 

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